Preparing to Teach

Planning to be a teacher?

Some things it would be helpful to know planning for your future career...

Teaching is a graduate entry profession but there are a number of different routes to achieving Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). 

  • Many 3 (or 4 year) Education degrees include the required school based experience and award QTS.

  • If you already have a good degree the two most common routes into teaching are via a Post Graduate Course in Education (PGCE) or a School Direct route.


All routes require you to have school based experience;

  • If you are preparing to apply for an education degree or PGCE you will need to demonstrate to the university that you have voluntary or paid experience in a school.

  • If you are planning to train by the school direct route you will need to show you have substantial voluntary or paid work experience in a school.


Getting School Based Experience;

Most schools welcome volunteers and will offer you the opportunity to work in a classroom alongside a qualified teacher.


If you are still at school and need to gain experience in order to apply to university contact your local school to start gaining work experience, working with a variety of different aged children in a variety of settings.  Look for opportunities to work with children as a part-time job, helping with holiday play schemes, after school clubs, at sports clubs, etc.


The best way to get an in-depth experience is to work in a school as part of the support staff.  Working as an intern as part of a non-teaching university course or as a Teaching Assistant before or after university provides an excellent preparation for teaching and familiarises you with the school working environment.


If you would be interested in finding out more about:


  • Voluntary work

  • Internships for university students

  • TA roles in preparation for training as a teacher


Please contact the Headteacher of the school you would like to join or make a more general enquiry submit a query on ‘contact us’.