Spiral Associate School Programme

Making the decision to become part of a multi academy trust is a big step. The anxiety of not knowing exactly what will and won’t change, and what benefits it may, or may not have for children and staff plays a significant part in why many schools choose to remain maintained schools. It is often the fear of losing autonomy over their own school that stops school leaders exploring the advantages that joining a MAT offers.

Forres Primary School in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire has been part of our Associate School Programme


“Working as an associate school we have been able to access the full range of school improvement support available from Spiral. Their experienced and knowledgeable Executive leaders have worked closely with Senior Leaders within our school on a wide range of priorities including strengthening leadership, developing curriculum and improving teaching and learning. In this process I have felt personally strengthened as headteacher building strong personal relationships whilst being respected and encouraged to continue to develop the unique strengths of my own school in a trust that treats every school in an individual way, whilst keeping core shared values at their heart.”  

Gavin Douglas, Headteacher


The “Associate School Programme” at Spiral gives maintained schools the opportunity to experience being part of a multi academy trust before making that final decision. It is, quite simply, a “try before you buy” option which provides a low risk experience of working within a MAT, giving access to a wide range of our services and allowing schools to enjoy the strong, collaborative ethos in which our Trust  Head Teachers and Governors strive to continuously improve our schools.


This programme aims to be immersive, giving associate school leaders a real sense of being part of the Spiral team on a day to day basis. It can be tailored to the bespoke needs of your school and if services are needed which incur a cost, this is charged without any profit made by the Trust ensuring excellent value for money. The associate school works closely with the CEO to decide which services are required and pays only for what is used.


The programme is limited to two terms, at which point we believe schools will be in a better position to decide whether to become part of Spiral Partnership Trust permanently or to remain as a Local Authority maintained school. 

Why work with us at Spiral?

Not all multi-academy trusts are the same. Each has its own distinct character, ethos and values and for any school thinking about joining a MAT, it is essential that this is explored thoroughly, understood fully and that values are shared with any school looking to join.


Spiral is built on high aspirations, kindness, collaboration, inclusivity and strong professional relationships. This gives a sense of direction and purpose to all we do to improve outcomes for children. We are an outward-looking MAT, working closely with the Local Authority and beyond, engaging external professionals who we respect and trust to support us in our development. As a MAT which is exclusively dedicated to the Primary phase, we pride ourselves on our research based EYFS, KS1 and KS2 expertise.

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