Training and Support

We invest in our staff, so they invest in our children


Ensuring we have a well informed and skilled workforce is central to the success of Spiral.  Our comprehensive CPD programme draws upon both the skills of our internal workforce, alongside our expert professional partners.


The CPD offer provided by the Trust is integral to ensuring the School Improvement Offer meets the needs of the schools within the Trust. We are proud of the number of our staff who have taken full advantage of the DfE National Professional Qualification programme.  For example, all of our Headteachers now hold either the NPQH, National Professional Qualification for Headship or the NPQEL, National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership.


CPD is provided at whole Trust, school and individual staff member level.  This is delivered using a range of approaches, including in person, virtually, external providers and online, for example, through the Educare programme.

Where possible, we also welcome non-Trust schools to attend our in-house training.  

If you are interested to find out how we can support you through an apprenticeship, please see our dedicated page: