Local School Committees

Each school has a dedicated Local School Committee which works with the headteacher to lead the strategic development of the school. The Local School Committee of each school includes:

  • at least 3 community based partners with the skills, knowledge and experience the school has identified it needs
  • 2 elected parents
  • an elected staff governor


Each Local School Committee will elect a Chair of Governors.


Guided by the scheme of delegation the Local School Committee of each school will oversee specific areas of responsibility:

  • Strategic overview of the school and approval of the School’s Development Plan (SDP)
  • Approval of specific policies (e.g. related to curriculum, lettings, etc.)
  • Recommending the school budget to the Board of directors
  • Helping the school respond to the needs of parents and the community and making it more accountable through consultation and reporting
  • Setting the school’s standards of conduct and values


Local School Committee Chairs

Fleetville Infant & Nursery School

Matt Shute

Fleetville Junior School

James Maton

Mandeville Primary School

Ed Holloway

Mount Pleasant Lane Primary School

Linda Crocker

Springmead Primary School

Co-Chair: Deborah Harrison