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Local School Committees

Each school has a dedicated Local School Committee which works with the headteacher to lead the strategic development of the school. The Local School Committee of each school includes:

  • at least 3 community based partners with the skills, knowledge and experience the school has identified it needs
  • 2 elected parents
  • an elected staff governor


Each Local School Committee will elect a Chair of Governors who will appointed as  a Director of the Trust for as long as they remain in office.


Guided by the scheme of delegation the Local School Committee of each school will oversee specific areas of responsibility:

  • Strategic overview of the school and approval of the School’s Development Plan (SDP)
  • Approval of specific policies (e.g. related to curriculum, lettings, etc.)
  • Recommending the school budget to the Board of directors
  • Helping the school respond to the needs of parents and the community and making it more accountable through consultation and reporting
  • Setting the school’s standards of conduct and values


Local School Committee Chairs