Joining The Spiral Partnership

Spiral Partnership Trust is a community of primary schools working together to make a positive difference to children’s lives.  Our partnership of schools works in collaboration to provide exceptional quality education to children. The Trust aims to grow and to extend support to a small number of other schools and academies in the region that will benefit from, and contribute to, its ethos and experience.


Our simple belief is that every child should be given all possible opportunities to be the best they can be and this needs to be reflected in every aspect of the school's provision and organisation.  We are dedicated to understanding what contributes to good teaching and learning and sharing that understanding throughout the Trust.  We recognise that schools are complex organisations and each element needs to compliment the others to achieve the best possible provision for children.


Spiral has a clear sense of purpose - to ensure all children get a great education. We are confident we know what makes an excellent school and how to achieve it. By working together we can achieve:


  • Strong and consistent leadership, highly respected and well connected

  • Shared guiding principles directing all we do

  • A range of development opportunities for staff

  • Creativity and innovation in both learning and support, encouraged everywhere and by all

  • Intelligent analysis and application of assessment information to plan effective learning

  • A self-evaluative approach to everything we do, driving our own improvements constantly

  • Dedicated staff, determined that every child will reach their potential

  • A "seize every opportunity to learn" ethos throughout the school, which prioritises children's learning over organisational convenience

  • Creative, learning focused, resources and facilities 

  • Efficient use of funding that ensures "best value" for every child

  • Prudent and professional oversight of finances

  • Experienced and knowledgeable governors and directors with a wide range of skills and expertise


Schools today work in a challenging and fast paced environment where headteachers can feel isolated or overwhelmed by change and sustaining high standards is demanding. Even the support from Governing bodies  can change very rapidly. The support offer provided by Spiral Partnership Trust aims to be stable and reliable no matter what the circumstances. This includes support for school leadership teams, teaching & learning, school finance, business and administration and (when needed) crisis management.


Our Support Offer document provides a summary of the support and services the schools in our partnership benefit from and contribute to.


A collection of Frequently Asked Questions is provided to inform schools who are interested in joining our Trust.